What we offer!

Hulksmash Studios offers a range of miniature related services. From painting to modeling we're your one stop location for assembling and painting your miniature armies. We also help you bring an idea to the table top. Got a crazy themed army in mind? I can help you create it. The prices for our services are listed below.


Single Models (20mm-25mm Base) 

Medium Models (Calvary/40mm Base)

Large Models (50mm+/Chariots)

Small Vehicle (Landspeeder/Vyper/Buggy)

Medium Vehicle (Rhino/Chimera/Wave Serpent/Trukk) 

Large Vehicle (Landraider/Battlewagon/Monolith)

Apocalypse Sized Vehicles/Creatures









Basic Basing (includes 2 layers, no embelishments) 

Premium Basing (includes 2-3 layers, rubble/static grass/skulls, Army Specific)



Objective Markers

Army Specific Objective Markers











Primering (Included in assembly less materials cost)

Note I do use GW black primer

Single Models

Medium Models (40mm/Calvary/Bikes)

Large Models (Also any model requiring pinning)

Vehicles (all sizes)

Model Cleaning: (exact price depending on condition)

Small/Medium Model

Large Models


Custom Modeling:

Kitbashing (you include parts)

Infantry Models


Magnetizing (Price per Magnet)
















Ordering for You

I can order product directly from a seller for you and have it shipped to me. Generally this means you wouldn't be paying shipping if the shipping is free to send the project to me.

I will be ordering from Neal at The Warstore which gives a 20% discount to retail for everyone and shipping is only $5 for most of my ordering. However if something is not available from The Warstore I will try and find it for you though it may result in paying shipping for those items or the items being bought at full retail.

To Order product for you I will require the full amount of the purchase be sent to me before Ordering. Another option is that you can Order your project and have it shipped to me for assembly and painting.

The Details

  • 1/4 of total amount of commission is due before work begins. This is to hold you position in the commission order as well as to allow me to purchase any extra materials I might need to complete your army.
  • Full payment will be made of commission upon completion of project and before project is shipped out.
  • Shipping and Handling is always covered by the customer and will be included in you final invoice before shipment.
  • Customer will have access to the WIP blog which will allow them to see the progress of their army. Blog will be updated no less than once every 5 days with new photos of where the army currently is.
  • Only commissions of $20 or more will be accepted.