About Us

I started painting miniatures over 13 years ago as a teenager. I wasn't very good and to be honest I didn't really enjoy it. I had a buddy of mine paint a lot of my miniatures back then because I just wanted to play with little toy soldiers.

That didn't change much until 5 years ago when I went to work for Games-Workshop in one of their hobby centers. At the time I did paint but only just enough so that my army would be legal at local Rogue Trader Tournaments and Grand Tournaments (they were still around back then...hehe). When I went to work for GW that changed. I had to paint armies and I had to be able to do it fast. I learned a lot about different techniques and grew as a painter.

Flash forward another 5 years and I recently completed two 2,000 point armies to play in local Indy GT's in less than a month. One of these was a Tyrannid army totalling 115 models. What's more I enjoyed painting them. Both armies recieved positive reviews from my opponents and my painting score was in the middle to high-middle brackets. Needless to say I was excited. I then saw a post on Dakkadakka.com about commissioned painting and decided to see what people I've never met before had to say about my painting. After excellent reviews of my work I decided to start Hulksmash Studios.

Move forward a few years and I've created some excellent counts-as armies as well as standard armies. My Grey Knights in a more traditional style netted me excellent painting points at several large events. My most recent project, seen in the gallery, which consisted of an Iron Warrior and Dark Mechanicus theme received best painted at a 60 person Grand Tournament level event and placed second in painting in two other 60+ person Grand Tournaments.